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An exceptional setting, the latest technology and the quality of its services make La Boella the ideal place in Tarragona to hold all types of events.

The Grand Pavillion


The venue for major conventions and banquets in Tarragona

The Golden Rooms


Rooms for ceremonies and social events in singular surroundings

Ceremony room


A room for seminars and meetings in Tarragona

The private lounge


An intimate, private room for small events in Tarragona

The central courtyard


The Central Courtyard is ideal for open air events

Gardens and parking


Gardens and open-air areas for large events

Roomsm2HeightLenghtWidthBanqueteCóctelEscuelaTeatroImperialEn UExterior/InteriorPlane
The Grand Pavillion650m23,95m33,5m24m550900400700160120Inside
The Golden Rooms (Large)142m24,85m24,6m8,8m90150801205040Inside
The Golden Rooms(Medium Size)106m23,15m21m6,9m509050703630Inside
The Golden Rooms(Small)92m23,05m15,3m8,1m203018252014Inside
Ceremony room137m23,35m21,6m8,1m70100801004550Inside
Executive Room42m23,35m6,7m9,1m1830--20-Inside
The private lounge------------
The central courtyard137,5m26,7m9,1m-40-60--Outside
Main Garden6.450m2---------Outside-
Nettle Tree Garden815m2---------Outside-
Romantic Garden850m2---------Outside-