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Olive oil tourism in Catalunya

Olive oil tourism is an interesting alternative to traditional tourism and a complement to rural tourism. To learn about olive oil and how it is made is to understand the essence of most of the dishes of Mediterranean cuisine.

Extra virgin olive oil is not only one of the key ingredients in our gastronomy, it also brings many health benefits, one of the reasons the Mediterranean diet is considered to be one of the healthiest on the planet. Just one spoonful a day gives you 60 cholesterol-free calories, helps prevent cardiovascular disease and contains beneficial elements for your body, including antioxidants and Vitamin E.

All these benefits and the intense flavour its gives to the most exquisite dishes means that lovers of good food and travel have found a new interest in olive oil tourism. It offers a magnificent experience in which to get to know the places where olive oil is produced and to learn about its different varieties by participating in tastings and enjoying dishes in which it is a prime ingredient.

La Boella has its own olive mill that produces top quality extra virgin olive oils thanks to the exhaustive care given to its olive trees and the meticulous process of extracting the oil. La Boella has 250 hectares of olive groves where three different varieties are grown: Arbequina, Arbosana and Koroneiki. Key to the production process is the minimum use of chemicals, the minimisation of waste and a focus on the quality of the olive oil. Thanks to this dedication and a continuous quest for excellence, for five consecutive years La Boella has won the ACCESSIT Prize awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture for the best extra virgin olive oil in Spain in the ripe fruity category.

Thanks to all this, La Boella has become a benchmark in the worlds of extra virgin olive oil and olive oil tourism. It is without a doubt a visit not to be missed by lovers of the liquid gold.