La Boella Mill

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La Boella Mill

The La Boella olive mill is where we produce our high quality extra virgin olive oils, the result of hard work on the land, a meticulous selection of trees and monitoring of their growth and a super intensive cultivation system.


La Boella is an olive mill built on pre-Roman foundations and documented from the 12th century on an estate that has maintained its traditional cultivation of the olive and the vine. Since time immemorial La Boella has played an important role in both the agricultural and the social life of the area.

The first historical mention of the estate is from the mediaeval period in a manuscript dated 1150. It certifies that the Prince of Tarragona donated these lands to one Huch and his wife Eva, so that they could farm them.

It is since 1999 that we can speak of the La Boella olive oils as we know them today.

The varieties

La Boella has 250 hectares of cultivated land that extends beyond the borders of the original estate.

Three varieties of olive are grown on the four estates (all in the Camp de Tarragona):

– Arbequina (80% of the plantation). This is the most common variety in Catalonia and gives a small fruit that is harvested between late October and early December. The resulting olive oil is very smooth and fruity.

– Arbosana (15% of the plantation). A native Catalan variety that was once in danger of extinction and has been saved in part by La Boella’s pioneering work. It also gives a small fruit that is harvested between the end of November and the middle of December. Its olive oil is greenish with a strong character. It is characterised by its ability to maintain harmony between bitterness, spiciness and astringency.

– Koroneiki (5% of the plantation). A variety of Greek origin with a small, elongated fruit that is harvested at the end of November. The result is a fruity, dark green and highly complex olive oil with considerable stability.

The cultivation method

At La Boella great care and attention is paid to each step of the process that goes into making its olive oils.

In 1995 La Boella was an innovator with the first known super intensive plantations that can be harvested mechanically using a self-propelled olive harvester. This method allows us to produce olive oils of the highest quality. The olive is harvested at its optimum point of ripening and picked directly from the tree, instead being first knocked to the ground. The time between the harvesting and milling of the fruit is reduced to a minimum (one hour). All this means we are able to produce very fresh olive oils.

The trees are irrigated using a watering system and are constantly monitored for pests and diseases, in order to keep pesticide use to a minimum.

In this way we can achieve a high quality product while minimising the use of agrochemical products, optimising production methods and reducing residues.

The olive oil and its Awards

We use the most advanced technology to produce La Boella Extra Virgin olive oil and we meet the most exclusive quality requirements, both in cultivation and processing terms.

La Boella currently produces some 190,000 litres of olive oil a year with its three varieties of olive. A fourth type, Premium Olive Oil, is made by mixing all three of these varieties.

Thanks to its evolution and our efforts to offer only the highest quality, La Boella’s olive oils have been five-time winners of the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture’s ACCESIT Award for the Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Spain in the Ripe and Fruity Category. They have also received other international awards over the years.

Molí La Boella olive oil is a benchmark in the world of high quality extra virgin olive oil and is the result of hard work, the great care and attention we pay to the fruit and the fact that we are constantly seeking the best for our customers.

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